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Live the Spectrum | April Fool's!

April Fools! Need to let loose and have a good laugh this April fool’s day?! Here are a few fun ideas on pranks to pull on roommates, friends, family and classmates!

1. Oreo Prank!!! - Take the filling out of Oreos and fill them with toothpaste, put them cookie back together and watch your friends get a fun little surprise when they take a bite.

2. Colorful Mouth Prank – Take food coloring and find their toothbrush, put a drop of food coloring in the middle of the bristles so that when they brush their teeth their mouth will be a pretty shade of blue, pink, purple or whatever color used!

3. Saran Wrap Prank – Saran wrap the doorway so when they try to leave they will run right into it for a good laugh!

4. Roaches!!! – find a picture online of a roach, print it and cut it out and tape it to the inside of a lampshade!

5. Cake bite or Sponge?! – Take a new sponge, cut it into smaller bites and cover it in frosting!